Strategic Plan

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Strategy 7.2

Improve the quality of early childhood care and education programs, services, and physical environments through equitable, community-based approaches.

7.2.1   Identify and align core quality standards that reflect culturally responsive best practices for early learning across settings, such as Head Start Performance Standards, National Association for the Education of Young Children Accreditation, National Association for Family Child Care Accreditation, and Division for Early Childhood Recommended Practices.
State agency led tactic.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

7.2.2   Expand Links to Quality statewide to promote continuous quality improvement and support peer learning communities within child care environments.
State agency led tactic.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

7.2.3   Update and disseminate the Kansas Early Learning Standards, with the updates to include the use of technology in early childhood care and education settings and the benefits of multiple languages in early settings.
State agency led tactic.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

7.2.4   Disseminate the Kansas Prekindergarten Guide and the Kansas Full-Day Kindergarten Guide to teachers and administrators, and provide professional development to programs to implement the guidelines.
State agency led tactic.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

7.2.5   Support expansion of early childhood care and education consultants, including inservice training, child care health consultants (physical, oral health, nutrition, physical activity), and early childhood mental health.
State agency led tactic.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

Progress Update

The Workforce Development Advisory Group is actively researching and analyzing various national and regional core competencies to identify the right set of competencies for the Kansas early childhood workforce. There are early efforts to ensure these competencies align with quality initiatives such as Links to Quality as well. Links to Quality continues to provide important supports and consulting services to the pilot child care provider group and is currently planning expanded efforts to meet provider needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for such targeted outreach and support, and as a result of relief funding, Kansas is currently working to expand the Child Care Health Consultant network who can support providers in connecting to quality services and supports.