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Kansas CommonApp

New Grant Application Portal

The Kansas Common Application for Grant Proposals and Reporting (Kansas CommonApp) is the place for early childhood stakeholders to apply for state agency grants. The aim of the Kansas CommonApp is to put grant money to work right away in communities where the need is great, and the impact is real. Kansas CommonApp was built to centralize and streamline grant awards. It benefits both grantees and grantors.


Reduces the overall burden on those who apply for state funding


Streamlines and standardizes the way agencies award and manage grants

Grantees AND Grantors

Provides transparency and continuity across the statewide funding landscape. It offers a bird’s eye view of the array of funds available and awarded to Kansas communities. Kansas CommonApp also reduces the need for submitting duplicate or similar information when applying for state funding from multiple sources.

State agencies want to help you find the right grant opportunity to apply for and make the entire process of applying and receiving awards as quick, easy, and equitable as possible. Kansas CommonApp is being designed and pilot tested now. Several agencies have already used the portal to accept and review applications, and make grant awards. We are continually improving and enhancing the Kansas CommonApp based on user feedback. Future plans include adding a grant search feature and more robust reporting features.