Common Measures

Common Measures Initiative

Having a clear understanding of the data and science of early childhood programming enables us to direct resources to the most effective strategies at the right time for optimal impact.

The Common Measures Initiative relies on a shared measurement system to collect data across programs supported by the Children’s Cabinet. This data helps demonstrate the need for CIF and CBCAP services by describing the level of risk of the population being served and how it lines up with the areas of risk targeted by the Children’s Cabinet.

The Common Measures are listed below, categorized by Blueprint Goals.

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Healthy Development

Blueprint Goal

Social Emotional Development

Early Identification

  • Children reach developmentally appropriate milestones

Measurement Goals

  • Broad application of development and social emotional screenings
  • Application of measures of school readiness

Common Measures






Strong Families

Blueprint Goal

Parent Support

Safe, Stable and Nurturing Relationships

  • Support parent involvement and leadership
  • Promote safe, stable and nurturing relationships to ensure children have strong healthy starts
  • Promote, evaluate and enhance evidence-based family support programs

Measurement Goals

  • Measurement of parental support and stimulation for a child in their home environment
  • Measurement of positive, supportive, and nurturing parenting and family environments

Common Measures




Early Learning

Blueprint Goal

Child Care


Early Literacy

  • Promote community-based, school-based and faith-based early learning experiences
  • Support the use of early learning standard to increase consistency and quality of services

Measurement Goals

  • Developmentally appropriate measures of communication and problem solving
  • Increased focus on rapidly emerging literacy and numeracy skills in Pre-K
  • Measurement of the quality and supportiveness of the early learning environment

Common Measures


  • ECI
  • EPSI myIGDIs
  • Literacy+
  • Numeracy