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    On February 17, groups from the Kansas Early Childhood Governance System presented highlights, including progress to date, goals for 2022, and discuss opportunities to work together to accomplish the goals of the All in for Kansas Kids Strategic Plan. […]
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What Is All In For Kansas Kids?

Kansas is working to ensure every child thrives. The Children’s Cabinet and a group of state agency leaders have secured federal funding and developed pathways for working collaboratively across sectors to shape our state’s future direction for early childhood. This effort is exciting, ongoing, and invites the voices of all Kansans.

Many early childhood stakeholders are working collaboratively as part of our state’s mixed-delivery system. We began the work of All In For Kansas Kids in 2019 by developing a comprehensive Needs Assessment of the programs and services for early care and education across the state, which led to development of a statewide Strategic Plan in 2020.

Today, as we all work to navigate the challenges and complexities of a pandemic-rocked world, our youngest and most vulnerable Kansans are top of mind.

  • How are Kansas children weathering this storm physically, emotionally, academically, socially, and mentally?
  • How can we collectively help ensure our children and families get what they need to remain on the path to thriving?
  • What can we do today to minimize the harmful implications of the current crisis on future livelihood?

For all of us invested in and committed to the future prosperity of our state, we recognize the critical importance of a strong start in life. All In For Kansas Kids represents both our unwavering commitment and the dedicated energy of early childhood stakeholders across Kansas working to ensure that every child thrives.

We want to hear from you

As we implement the strategic plan we continue to seek input from Kansans across the state.

What steps can we take—as individuals, communities, and as a state—to build the early childhood care and education system that ensures every child thrives?

Share your thoughts here.