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Ensuring Every Child Thrives

Kansas has the opportunity and new federal grant funding to shape our state’s future direction for early childhood over the next few years. With your help, we began by developing a comprehensive needs assessment of early care and education programs and services, which led to development of a statewide strategic plan.

This collaborative effort invites the voices of all Kansans. In 2019, we toured the state and heard from an impressive cross-section of over 6,100 contributors. This process of uncovering needs and looking for bright spots resulted in the 2019 Needs Assessment, released February 6, 2020.

As we work to address these needs and emulate bright spots, we are implementing a strategic plan that continues to be informed by new insights and stories from families, providers, and stakeholders.

Many early childhood stakeholders are working collaboratively as part of our state’s mixed-delivery system. The Kansas Early Childhood Recommendations Panel has compiled a fluid and growing resource directory of committees, councils, and workgroups.

We want to hear from you too. What steps can we take – as individuals, communities, and as a state – to build the early childhood care and education system that ensures every child thrives?

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