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Early Childhood

Because 90 percent of a child’s brain architecture is established before the age of 5, early intervention is key to improving outcomes for Kansas children. By supporting quality early childhood education, care, and health services, critical to strong child development, we are helping to reduce the need for more costly remediation in education and criminal justice systems of the future.


We are guided by an early childhood plan that serves as a blueprint for programs and services across the state. The plan is comprehensive and recognizes the whole child, with a focus on 3 building blocks: Healthy Development, Strong Families, and Early Learning.

Healthy Development

Strong Families

Early Learning

The importance of


Public-Private partnerships are key to the work of the Cabinet. By its very nature, a quality early childhood system includes all of the people involved in the child’s life–the most important being parents and family, but also includes educators, child care and development professionals, doctors, nurses, and friends and neighbors in the community. When services and programs are purposely coordinated on the state and local level with a variety of public and private partners at the table, we ensure that Kansas children and families get the assistance and guidance they need.

Research and Data

Having a clear understanding of the science of early childhood enables us to direct resources to the most effective strategies at the right time for optimal impact.

Blueprint for Early Childhood

We take a systemic approach to shaping services and programs in Kansas and have developed the Blueprint for Early Childhood to guide our work and partnerships.

Accountability and Outcomes

We support community collaborations that have clear outcomes for children and families, utilize the best evidence to develop services, and work to avoid duplication.