Improving the health and well being of Kansas at-risk children and families

Our Focus


The Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund is directed by state statute to fund and evaluate key children’s programs across the state. We are guided by an early childhood plan that serves as a blueprint for programs and services. The Blueprint for Early Childhood plan is comprehensive and recognizes the whole child, with a focus on three building blocks:  Healthy Development, Strong Families, and Early Learning. 



The Cabinet funds a variety of initiatives that work to improve the health, well-being, and educational outcomes of Kansas children.

Home Visiting

Ensuring ongoing parental education, social support, and linkage with community services.


Reducing the likelihood of child maltreatment.

Developmental Screening

Educating caregivers on the importance of developmental monitoring and screening.

Maternal/Child Health

Delivering health care services for new and expectant mothers.

Early Education

Fostering early care environments that are high-quality and accessible for at-risk families.

Parent Support Groups

Providing opportunities for parents and caregivers to learn and interact.

Mental Health Support

Supporting optimal mental health of children and families.

The Importance of Early Childhood

Because 90 percent of a child’s brain architecture is established before the age of 5, early intervention is key to improving outcomes for Kansas children. By supporting quality early childhood education, care, and health services, critical to strong child development, we are helping to reduce the need for more costly remediation in education and criminal justice systems of the future.

The Importance of Community

By its very nature, a quality early childhood system includes all of the people involved in the child’s life–the most important being parents and family, but also includes educators, child care and development professionals, doctors, nurses, and friends and neighbors in the community. When services and programs are purposely coordinated on the state and local level with a variety of public and private partners at the table, we ensure that Kansas children and families get the assistance and guidance they need.

Little Footprints Make a Big Impact

We help ensure that all little Kansans get what they need to grow and thrive.


Investing in early childhood programs yields significant returns through improved health, social, education, and economic outcomes.

It’s all connected—cognitive, social, and emotional development. The Cabinet seeks to support the child’s total environment.

When we help a young child, the results last a lifetime. Early childhood is a critical period of intervention.

Together we can do more. Our best hope for the future is to work together to invest wisely in children and families.

The prosperity of our state depends on the wellbeing of our youngest Kansans. Cabinet supported programs play a critical role in building a strong society.


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Let’s Make a Difference for Kansas Kids