In these uncertain times we all have questions.

We want to help you navigate these times with information to help protect and strengthen families. We also know that many child care providers continue to face tough choices about continuing services, maintaining safety, and operating differently. Scroll down for resources to help both families and providers.

Kansas Vaccine Info

To learn more about the vaccine visit the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment vaccine website.

Last update: May 19, 2021

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For Families

Support in times of need

Everyone needs help sometimes–in these times especially. And it’s ok to ask.

These resources are meant to help families know where to turn for help with food, shelter, care, and other basic needs.

Parenting when life is tough

These resources offer guidance for nurturing and interacting with your children while being responsive to their questions and sensitive to their heightened emotional needs.

Taking care of yourself

Many of us are adjusting to new routines and new realities. We are becoming work-from-home employees, part-time home school teachers, and full-time caregivers. It’s easy to let self-care slide, but now it’s a public service to make sure we stay healthy and able to take care of our kids and each other.

For Providers


Kansas Department of
Health & Environment


Kansas Department for Children and Families


Kansas Department of Labor


Kansas Department of Commerce 

Office of Recovery

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Special Events

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