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Needs Assessment

We’ve Learned from You…

Over 6,100 Kansans contributed to our 2019 Needs Assessment data collection process. Our methods ranged from collecting personal stories and online insights, to hosting over 100 in-person community conversations with parents, caregivers, business leaders, elected officials, educators, health care providers, and a wide variety of early childhood professionals and champions. In addition to the voices of Kansans from across the state, the Needs Assessment also includes an analysis of 45 existing needs assessment reports and three new surveys on the early childhood care and education workforce, facilities, and Pre-K services. Our Needs Assessment reflects both what we learned from thousands of data points and what Kansans told us.

Download the Needs Assessment At-a-Glance (PDF)

Download the full Needs Assessment (PDF)

Download the 2020 Needs Assessment Update (PDF)

Download the 2021 Needs Assessment Update (PDF)

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