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Strategic Plan

Our Brighter Future Starts Now

With the needs of our youngest Kansans fresh in our minds, we mapped our state’s future direction for early childhood. We are taking what we’ve learned from the 2019 Needs Assessment and turning it into action.

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We have organized the All in for Kansas Kids Strategic Plan into seven goal areas, each with a statement on the desired outcome, followed by a brief narrative that underscores the need for that goal area and what we envision for Kansans. Icons indicate which key finding from our Needs Assessment this goal area addresses. Specific strategies and tactics follow and outline measurable steps we must take to achieve desired results. Finally, we identify statements of success and pose a list of indicator questions and sample measures to help us all evaluate efforts.

It will take collaboration and action on multiple fronts to meet these goals.

To help Kansans see themselves as key contributors to the important work ahead, each tactic displays one or more icons representing where the stakeholder roles outlined below can have impact.

State: State agencies

Local: Individuals or small group champions

Partner: Statewide and/or community-level organizations, businesses, school systems, and philanthropy

Policy: Elected officials