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Draft Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Public Input

With the needs of our youngest Kansans and their families fresh in our minds from the 2024 All In For Kansas Kids Needs Assessment, we are mapping our state’s future direction for early childhood.

Your voice is vital to ensure our goals and action plans going forward reflect what is needed to help every child thrive.

The draft 2024 All In For Kansas Kids Strategic Plan is organized into three pillars: Ecosystem, Workforce and Work Environments, and Experiences of Children and Families. The plan builds upon work of the past four years outlined in the 2020 All In For Kansas Kids Strategic Plan and reflects principles of the Kansas Children’s Cabinet Blueprint for Early Childhood promoting Healthy Development, Strong Families, and Early Learning.

Thank you for taking the time to review and offer insights and feedback. We are compiling all feedback starting April 22, 2024 and anticipate a final version of the plan ready for review and approval at the August 2024 Kansas Children’s Cabinet meeting.