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Quality Subgrants

New Quality Subgrants!

The Children’s Cabinet is requesting proposals for grant awards totaling $1.7 million. There are five categories of grants, described in more detail below.

Applications due Oct. 19, 2020 (closed). 

These Subgrants are possible through funding from the federal Preschool Development Grant awarded to Kansas in April 2020 and are responsive to the 2019 Needs Assessment. This rigorous and broad-reaching study of the Kansas early childhood care and education system revealed gaps in access, availability, and quality of child care across the state. These Subgrants are designed to help communities, service providers, and other early childhood stakeholders address needs and gaps through locally-driven ideas and approaches. 

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Addressing Local Needs

These awards are designed to support a broad range of community partners as they address the unique needs of their families and providers. Grantees will identify significant challenges in their communities, try and test new approaches, and share lessons learned

While individual grantee outcomes will look different across the state, the overall impact will be a stronger statewide early childhood care and education system.

Scaling What Works

The goal of these grants is to test locally-driven ideas and scale what works. We aim to solve challenges of access and availability while enhancing the quality of early childhood care and education across the state.

The Children’s Cabinet will engage closely with grantees as they implement approaches, both to understand what is working and to identify and work through challenges.

Applications Due October 19, 2020

Subgrants for Child Care Access

GOAL: Increase the availability of high-quality child care for target populations
Target populations for this subgrant are:
  • Infants and toddlers
  • Low-income families
  • Migrant families
  • Children with special health care needs
  • Children experiencing homelessness
  • Children involved with foster care


Subgrants to Connect Families to Services

GOAL: Enhance infrastructure, increase collaboration and outreach, and develop awareness campaigns that help connect families to community services

These subgrants test localized solutions to ensuring families are aware of services available in their community, and get connected to the right service at the right time by engaging multi-sector partners who play an integral role in the community. Partners may include traditional social service providers, public libraries, economic development entities, and local government to boost collaboration.


Subgrants to Improve Quality of Care

GOAL: Improve the quality of care and education for Kansas children and families

These subgrants test localized solutions to enhance the quality of care for Kansas children and families, particularly with the extra stressors of COVID-19. Quality enhancements can come in many forms. Applicants may propose funds for both tangible resources and supports for families and providers (e.g. books, toys, supplies, playground equipment) and for resources to support consultations, coaching, training, peer support, etc. Proposals that address a child’s mental health and social emotional learning are especially encouraged, but this category of award is not limited by type of need addressed.  


Subgrants for Rural Child Care

GOAL: Increase access to and availability of child care in rural communities
Rural communities for this subgrant include those in rural, frontier, and densely-settled rural counties as defined by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

These subgrants aim to break down barriers that prevent:

  • Rural child care providers from starting and succeeding, and
  • Individuals in rural areas from entering and remaining in the early childhood care and education workforce


Subgrants for Kindergarten Readiness

GOAL: Improve school district ratings for Kindergarten Readiness in the Kansans Can Star Recognition program

The Kansans Can Star Recognition program (Kansas State Department of Education) recognizes communities that offer quality, inclusive opportunities to young children and their families so that each student enters kindergarten at age 5 socially, emotionally and academically prepared for success. These subgrants will help prepare districts for the self-assessment and application for recognition. Grantees will form teams of 6-10 members, select priority areas of focus, and identify strategies to improve Kindergarten readiness in their communities. 


More information...

A pre-grant overview webinar was held Thursday, September 3, with more information on these subgrants and general tips for submitting grant applications.

A Quality Subgrants Launch Webinar was held on Thursday, September 17.