Strategic Plan

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Strategy 3.1

Provide families with tools and information to support their children’s interests, healthy development, and learning.

3.1.1   Conduct culturally responsive public awareness campaigns about the importance of brain development in early childhood and the benefits of high-quality early environments and conditions that lead to safe, stable, and nurturing relationships.
State agency led tactic.Local individual or small group champions.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

3.1.2   Maintain the Kansas Quality Network website and list family leadership opportunities in a single online location.
State agency led tactic.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

3.1.3   Invest in opportunities for family peer-to-peer support and information sharing through investments and programs such as Kansas’ Supporting You Peer-to-Peer Network.
State agency led tactic.

3.1.4   Provide unique opportunities for families to engage with providers in their communities through events such as community baby showers, health fairs, and back-to-school nights.
State agency led tactic.Local individual or small group champions.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

3.1.5   Use clear language and design, as well as accessibility best practices and standards, to make it easier to navigate state agency websites and access resources and information.

Progress Update

The Kansas Quality Network (KQN) website is frequently updated with resources and information. Community-based supports such as developmental health tip sheets are also available for families, health care professionals, and early care and education professionals through Adaptive TA. Supporting You, a peer support program led by KDHE, is exploring expansion options to reach additional populations.  

There are many efforts happening at a local level, including new initiatives through the PDG Quality Subgrants, and local events such as community baby showers and back-to-school nights.  

The Children’s Cabinet and KQN websites are continually being updated to use clear language and accessible design, and KU-CPPR offers training for partners and communities around website accessibility and content.