Strategic Plan

Measuring Success

The children born in 2019 — when this work began in earnest — already have had millions of experiences and are rapidly building the brain architecture to take them through the school years and into adulthood. We developed this plan for them and their families.

A child born today will be entering kindergarten in five years. That child deserves to have their most basic needs met and have opportunities, no matter where they live in Kansas, to experience high-quality early care and education so they can enter kindergarten at age five socially, emotionally, and academically prepared for success. Our All In for Kansas Kids Strategic Plan will help make that vision a reality.

This plan creates the infrastructure that our current system has been lacking. We are leveraging the investment and momentum of our Preschool Development Birth through Five Planning Grant to secure new resources and support. We have already started to do things differently and have plans to make changes in funding, data, and policy. We will employ these and other measures and indicators of success to transform service delivery and ensure that every child thrives.