Strategic Plan

Goal 6: Workforce

Outcome Statement – Kansas leads the way in developing, supporting, and valuing early childhood professionals.

Kansans told us there is an urgent need for better compensation, benefits, and training for the early childhood workforce. Kansas is one of only 10 states without a workforce registry, which would offer early childhood professionals a place to document their development and quality improvement accomplishments.

We found unnecessary fragmentation across organizations, providers, and disciplines contributing to the early childhood workforce. We envision a cohesive system that recruits, retains, and advances a diverse workforce that is prepared and qualified to meet the changing needs of young children and families. Professionals will feel respected and valued, and they will have the resources they need to deliver high-quality services to children and families.

Key Findings addressed from the Needs Assessment

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What Will Success Look Like?

  • Kansas will employ an early childhood care and education workforce that is highly valued, fairly compensated, and well-trained, and represents the diversity of Kansas children and families.

  • Kansas state agencies will ensure effectiveness and fund key areas of professional development across the state through an aligned approach to contracts.

  • The Kansas early childhood care and education workforce will have clear and updated career pathways that acknowledge multiple entry points or on-ramps, and include connections to the high school level and two- and four-year institutions of higher education.

  • Kansas will regularly research, document, and address early childhood care and education workforce recruitment and retention challenges.

  • Kansas early childhood care and education programs will be guided by quality indicators and standards that include culturally and linguistically appropriate information.

  • Kansas will have a process in place to select, promote, and provide training, coaching, mentorship, and support to integrate best and/or evidence-based practices into service delivery for early childhood care and education professionals.

  • Kansas will establish and operate an early childhood care and education workforce registry.

  • The Kansas early childhood care and education workforce will be guided by an aligned and updated set of core competencies that prepares them to implement developmentally appropriate, responsive, and inclusive care.

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