Strategic Plan

Goal 5: Capacity and Access

Outcome Statement – Kansas families have their basic needs met and have equitable access to quality early childhood care and education services.

Kansans told us that the experiences of children and families differ based on the community in which they reside: geography matters. Many children are growing up in families struggling to meet basic needs such as housing, food, transportation, health, and safety.

We recognize that these disparities and disruptions impact how families interact with the early childhood care and education system. We envision Kansas communities that strengthen the quality and reach of early childhood care and education services in ways that address the unique needs of their population and geographical location.

Key Findings addressed from the Needs Assessment

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What Will Success Look Like?

  • Kansas will analyze the impact of policies on services for underserved populations and actively make recommendations that ensure equitable access.

  • Kansas will maximize Medicaid billing codes to foster children’s social-emotional development.

  • The Kansas Early Childhood Recommendations Panel will review policies, ordinances, and practices to make decisions and elevate recommendations to support children and families.

  • Universal home visiting will be expanded statewide.

  • Kansas communities will explore and adopt child care co-op models that meet the unique needs of their families and providers.

  • Kansas will fund inclusive preschool programming, and the requirements for state-funded preschool programs will be aligned yet flexible to allow for diverse funding sources.

  • Kansas early childhood care and education providers will actively and routinely engage in transition planning with families during times of change.

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