Strategic Plan

Strategy 1.2

Strengthen relationships between state agencies to inform and align policies, improve practices, and maximize resources.

1.2.1   Map requests for proposals, funding strategies and requirements, scopes of work,
programming priorities, eligibility, and reporting requirements across state agencies that fund early childhood care and education programs to identify areas of efficiency and alignment.
State agency led tactic.

1.2.2   Strengthen relationships between state agencies that implement early childhood care and education programs and those that provide other supports to children and families such as housing, transportation, economic supports (cash, food, and child care assistance), employment, child welfare, and behavioral health services so families have their basic needs met.
State agency led tactic.

1.2.3   Strengthen relationships between state agencies that implement early childhood care and education programs and those that implement critical components of the early childhood care and education infrastructure, including workforce development, higher education, and economic development.
State agency led tactic.

Progress Update

Launching the Early Childhood Recommendations Panel has created new opportunities to strengthen relationships among agencies and identify areas for alignment and improvement in practices. A survey showed positive connections after just one year of work, with Panel members meeting monthly and Panel workgroups doing targeted tasks between meetings.  

The Thriving Families Safer Children and Family First Prevention Services Act initiatives are blending teams from child welfare and early childhood to help strengthen families and address child maltreatment prevention. Additionally, several ongoing mapping efforts are helping inform the alignment process including: a resource directory of governance groups with memberships, a listing of state agency meetings and groups, and a crosswalk of eight state agency plans with the All in for Kansas Kids Strategic Plan. This mapping deepens our understanding of what needs to be aligned, and additional efforts are needed to actually address alignment challenges for these and other opportunities.  

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