Strategic Plan

Strategy 1.1

Streamline state-level early childhood decision-making structures and processes.

1.1.1   Initiate the governance structure for the Kansas early childhood care and education system to collaborate on and monitor implementation of the strategic plan.
State agency led tactic.

1.1.2   Deliver technical assistance to local collaborative groups that represent a variety of early childhood settings, sectors, and families, such as early childhood local coordinating councils, child care provider coalitions, collaborative entities, and advisory councils.
State agency led tactic.Statewide and community-level partnerships.

1.1.3   Standardize agency expectations around monitoring, licensing, and technical assistance for community-based providers, and incorporate these expectations for accountability into associated contracts.
State agency led tactic.

1.1.4   Develop a cross-agency, common application process — where applicable — that streamlines the grant-writing and reporting process for community-based grantees and contractors.
State agency led tactic.

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