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Data Governance

Formation, Governance, and Purpose of the Data Trust

In 2021, Kansas enacted a data trust agreement (Data Trust) outlining new data governance opportunities and structures among four state agencies. The Data Trust reflects Kansas’ commitment to the future of our early childhood system and is our initial step toward–and the foundation of–a custom, impactful Early Childhood Integrated Data (ECID) approach.

The Data Trust establishes a governance board whose members will design sustainable practices and tools for efficiently sharing early childhood data among members. The Data Trust will prioritize data projects that apply for, and are approved to be, “ECID authorized projects.” As the Data Trust grows, additional state and local partners will be added.

The data governance board will meet quarterly and will:

  • Develop sustainable practices
  • Review/prioritize ECID authorized project plans
  • Develop best practices for improving data use and data literacy