Strategic Plan

Goal 4: Private Sector Collaboration

Outcome Statement – Kansas is a champion of public-private collaboration and creates opportunities to invest in the future of Kansas kids and families.

Kansans told us there is a need for greater involvement and investment in the early childhood care and education system. Private sector collaboration and family-friendly workplace practices can have a profound impact on the lives of Kansas children.

We recognize that our shared future prosperity is rooted in early childhood. We envision a state where businesses, philanthropies, and nonprofits alike understand the importance of investing early to build healthy, thriving communities. As employers of parents and caregivers, private sector partners will maintain a competitive edge by committing to innovative, family-friendly practices.

Key Findings addressed from the Needs Assessment

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What Will Success Look Like?

  • Kansas will establish and operate a statewide public-private partnership that supports early childhood care and education.

  • Kansas business leaders, local government officials, nonprofit leaders, chambers of commerce, and members of the broader economic development community will consider themselves early childhood stakeholders and will understand issues impacting children and families.

  • Kansas businesses will be committed to implementing family-friendly workplace policies.

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