Children’s Initiatives Fund

Funding for Kansas Children

The 1999 Kansas Legislature created the Children’s Initiatives Fund (CIF) to support programs promoting the health and welfare of Kansas children. Historically, the CIF has supported programs and services with a focus on early childhood, health, mental health, and child welfare. The CIF is funded by money from a settlement with the nation’s largest tobacco companies known as the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. To handle the settlement money, the Legislature established the Kansas Endowment for Youth (KEY) Fund as an endowment for ongoing funding of children’s programs and specified that annual transfers would be made from the KEY Fund to the CIF.

The 1999 Legislature also established the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund (the Children’s Cabinet), a 15-member committee consisting of appointees of the Governor and Legislature and ex-officio members. The Children’s Cabinet advises the Governor and Legislature regarding the use of money credited to the CIF and assesses programs that receive CIF money. The Kansas Children’s Cabinet partners with the University of Kansas Center for Public Partnerships and Research to assess the Children’s Initiatives Fund program through an accountability process.