FLIP-IT Training

Apr 30, 2021

FLIP IT Training transforms child care experience in Ellsworth

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Several children at Ellsworth Childcare and Learning Center (Smoky Hill Child Care) were exhibiting challenging and disruptive behaviors. Teachers struggled to deal with these issues because the tactics they used to address them took a significant amount of time, a luxury not available in a busy child care setting. At times, these behaviors resulted in children being unable to attend child care in the short term or even permanently. With limited funds, the center couldn’t provide additional training for staff.

The Solution

With Quality Subgrant funding, the center was able to provide FLIP IT training for all staff members. FLIP IT is a strategy that offers a simple, kind, strength-based, commonsense, and effective four-step process to address children’s day-to-day challenging behavior.

The Outcome

FLIP IT training equipped teachers with easy and quick tactics to address challenging behaviors. Teachers didn’t keep these skills to themselves; they also shared what they learned with parents. Now many of the children who exhibited challenging behaviors can stay in the classroom. With children in child care, parents can stay at work.

Each teacher has been using the skills and children are responding so great! This has absolutely increased emotional awareness and the quality of care being provided.

~Meghan Goding, Executive Director, Ellsworth Childcare and Learning Center


To learn more about FLIP IT training and how the Ellsworth Childcare and Learning Center team shared their knowledge with parents and caregivers email Meghan Goding, Executive Director.

What’s Next?

This is just the beginning! With assistance from the Quality Subgrants, center staff are also receiving CLASS Primer training. This continuing education opportunity will give teachers the skills to improve classroom interactions and contribute to the future success of the children by meeting their needs for connection, organized settings, and to be challenged.



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