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Making sure Every Child Thrives!

In 2019, Kansas has the opportunity and new federal grant funding to engage in a collaborative effort to shape our state’s future direction for early childhood. A one-year planning grant authorized by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act will support the development of a comprehensive needs assessment and strategic plan for early childhood in Kansas. Funding will also support activities to maximize parental choice and knowledge of early care and education options, the sharing of best practices among early childhood providers, and improvement of the overall quality of early childhood services.

You are invited to be a part of this important work to strengthen early childhood programs and services in your community.

We want to extend a special invitation to families across Kansas – your voice in shaping the early experiences that lay the foundation to ensure every child thrives is so important to us. Click here to share your experiences directly through the Our Tomorrows Project or sign up below and we’ll connect with you directly.

Please check back often to see updates on how this work is progressing throughout the year. We look forward to working together to build a stronger early childhood system in Kansas!

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Join efforts to strengthen the early childhood system in Kansas! Please share your contact information below, and we’ll be in touch directly to start a conversation about engaging in this important work.

Share Your Story

The Our Tomorrows project is one way that Kansans can join in this work. By sharing stories of the challenges and bright spots that families experience with a tool called SenseMaker, we will gain a rich understanding of what family resilience looks like in our state. Each story becomes part of a collective, statewide map of community strengths and needs. Share your own story here! 

Stay Informed

We will host webinars every other Wednesday at 12PM to inform and connect all early childhood stakeholders across the state to this effort. There will be opportunities for questions and the webinars will be recorded for future reference or for those unable to attend. Participants will be asked to register in advance (name and email) so we can ensure appropriate follow-ups after the webinar, and to ensure over time that we are engaging voices from all across Kansas. Check back often to see a schedule of upcoming dates and topics, as well as the webinar recordings and any handouts or key links shared.

Click here to register for the webinars. (registering once ensures you are signed up for all webinars).

Webinar Schedule

Feb 6, 2019 – View the Webinar
Here are the slides, key links, and documents that were shared and discussed during the webinar.
Webinar Slides  |  Our Tomorrows Info  |  Kansas Infant-Toddler Services (tiny-k/Part C) Needs Assessment

Feb 20, 2019 12:00 PM

Mar 6, 2019 12:00 PM

Mar 20, 2019 12:00 PM

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