Data Governance Policy

KCCTF Data Governance Policy

Policy Statement

The Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund (KCCTF) values information about the nature and impact of early childhood programs that it funds or administers under K.S.A. 38-1901, K.S.A. 38-2103, and the federal Title II Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention Act (Section 201 – 210). KCCTF believes this information is an asset to the state of Kansas to better serve its children and families. The purpose of this data governance policy is to affirm that all information gathered by programs funded by KCCTF will only be used to inform KCCTF about the nature and impact of early childhood investments in alignment with the Cabinet’s Blueprint for Early Childhood. KCCTF (or its designee) will manage, secure, and use program information in support of its mission.  


KCCTF establishes all reporting requirements and the information covered under this Data Governance Policy which includes all required individual-level Common Measures, descriptive programmatic information, requested fiscal accounting or contracting procedures, and required accountability documentation. This Data Governance Policy covers information requested by KCCTF (or its designee) from programs or organizations that receive and administer KCCTF funds (hereafter known as ‘service providers’). Currently, this includes entities that receive funds under Early Childhood Block Grants, Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention grants, and Children’s Initiative Fund.  

Definitions of Key Terms

Common Measures are a set of valid and reliable assessment tools and instruments to measure child and family outcomes associated with early childhood programs and services.

Programmatic information includes program contact information, organizational structure, numbers served, success, challenges, and descriptive narrative on program services and impact, including all documentation deemed necessary for the CIF accountability process.

Fiscal and contracting information includes descriptive information about how KCCTF-funded entities allocate funds to specific agencies or organizations, request proposals, and other sub-contracting/sub-granting procedures.

Service providers are entities (agencies, non-profit organizations) that directly or indirectly, through sub-contracts from a fiscal administrating entity, receive KCCTF funds to provide or deliver programs or services to children and families.  

Governance Roles and Responsibilities

KCCTF, as outlined by KSA 38-2103, establishes reporting requirements needed to ensure accountability and co-owns (with each service provider) all required information necessary to inform the Cabinet of the nature and impact of the early childhood programs funded under the Children’s Initiative fund. KCCTF (or its designee) is responsible for ensuring that it receives, manages, and uses information in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and policies. Service providers are responsible for obtaining consents from families to obtain and share required information with KCCTF with the understanding that families are fully informed of their right to refuse to share information without penalty including refusal of program or services. In the absence of such consent, service providers will ensure that only information from consented parties is shared with KCCTF. KCCTF will establish all terms of use for information and information reporting systems and inform service providers of the terms of use. KCCTF, as information co-owners under KSA 38-2103, shall inform service providers of any change in terms of use of required information and solicit and consider input from service providers on those changes. KCCTF will not share information with outside entities for any other purpose than those outlined in this data governance policy. KCCTF may designate a contractual entity or entities to perform duties related to information gathering, information system design and management, information analysis and evaluation, and information monitoring.  


KCCTF will provide a secure reporting system or process for KCCTF service providers to report all required information. Service providers will be responsible for collecting and reporting any/all common measures and any/all programmatic, fiscal, and accounting information. KCCTF will make provisions to ensure all service providers are informed and fully trained on all reporting requirements and systems. All information submitted to KCCTF by service providers will be securely available to the service provider for review. Access to this information will be restricted to users designated by each service provider. KCCTF (or its designee) shall have access to all available and required information submitted by KCCTF-funded service providers. KCCTF will review information from service providers to inform decisions and evaluate impact of programs and services funded or administered by KCCTF.

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