Building a Stronger Kansas

The first five years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a child’s development. A newborn’s brain is only about one-quarter the size of an adult’s, yet by age five has grown to about 90 percent of its adult size with 700 new neural connections forming every second. Because a child’s brain develops rapidly during this time, early, intensive support, especially when focused on at-risk children and families, can be effective in alleviating factors that lead to poor outcomes for children.

A focus on these early years of life is the center of policy and programming discussions of the early childhood community in Kansas. Effective early childhood systems provide diverse services and resources for children, families, and communities to support healthy development, strong families, and early learning. The Kansas Children’s Cabinet is particularly interested in public-private partnerships that engage in both evidence-based and innovative practices that mutually reinforce a comprehensive early childhood system that leads to long-term outcomes for children and families. The Kansas Children’s Cabinet believes that their investments in early childhood programs and services, with a particular focus on at-risk children, will lead to a stronger Kansas.

Click here to learn more about the strategic framework that helps guide the work of the Kansas Children’s Cabinet, the Blueprint for Early Childhood.